Hierotopy (book)

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Alexei Lidov.  Hierotopy. Spatial icons and Image-Paradigms in Byzantine Culture. Published in Moscow by “Design. Information. Cartography”, 2009.

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Hierotopy. The creation of sacred spaces as a form of creativity and subject of cultural history

Spatial Icons. The miraculous performance with the Hodegetria of Constantinople

The Theotokos of the Pharos. The Imperial Church-Reliquary as the Constantinopolitan Holy


The Mandylion and Keramion. An Iconic Image of the Sacred Space

Holy Face — Holy Script — Holy Gate. An ImageParadigm of the “Blessed City” in Christian Hierotopy

Miraculous Icons of Hagia Sophia. The Imperor as Creator of Sacred Space.

The Catapetasma of Hagia Sophia. Byzantine Installation and an ImageParadigm of the Temple Veil

The Priesthood of the Virgin.  An ImageParadigm of Byzantine Iconography

The Holy Fire. Hierotopical and ArtHistorical Aspects of the Creation of “New Jerusalems”

Image-Paradigms as a New Notion of Visual Culture. A Hierotopic Approach to Art History

На русскую страницу