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Personal:  Lidov’s biography in Wikipedia


Alexei Lidov Hierotopy. Spatial Icons and Image-Paradigms in Byzantine CultureMoscow, “Theoria”, 2009.

Alexei Lidov The Icon. The World of the Holy Images in Byzantium and the Medieval Russia . Мoscow: “Theoria”, 2014.

Selected papers:

Hierotopy. The creation of sacred space as a form of creativity and subject of cultural history  In: Hierotopy.  Creation  of  Sacred  Spaces in  Byzantium  and  Medieval  Russia.(foreword) Edited by A. Lidov. Published by “Progress-tradition” in Moscow, 2006, p. 33-58.

Iconicity as Spatial Notion. A New Vision of Icons in Contemporary Art Theory // IKON, 2016-9 (presented at the 9th iconography conference, Rijeka, june 2015).

Spatial Icons. The Miraculous Performance with the Hodegetria of Constantinople In: Hierotopy.  Creation  of  Sacred  Spaces in  Byzantium  and  Medieval  Russia, ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: “Progress-tradition”, 2006, p. 349 – 372.

The Comparative Hierotopy In: Hierotopy. Comparative studies of sacred spaces (foreword), ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: Indrik, 2008   (Rus/Eng), p. 9-12

New Jerusalems. Transfering of the Holy Land as Generative Matrix of Christian Culture  In: New Jerusalems. Hierotopy and iconography of sacred spaces. (foreword). Edited by A. Lidov, published by “Indrik”, Moscow, 2009  (Rus/Eng),p. 8-10.

Air and Heavens as a Subject of the Christian Hierotopy and Iconography. In: Hierotopy of Air and Heavens in culture of the Christian world. (foreword). Edited by A. Lidov, published by “Indrik”, Moscow, 2023  (Rus/Eng), p. 10-13.

‘Image-Paradigms’ as a Category of Mediterranean Visual Culture. A Hierotopic Approach to Art History In: Crossing Cultures. Papers of the 32nd International Congress in the History of Art. Melbourne, 2009, p. 148 – 153.

The Holy Fire and Visual Constructs of Jerusalem, East and West. In: Visual Constructs of Jerusalem, Turnhout: Brepolis, 2014, p. 241-249.

Florence as New Jerusalem. The Rite of the Scoppio del Carro and the Annual Miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem. In: Florence and the Idea of Jerusalem, 2018, p. 61-80 This paper was prepared as a part of my research project at the Villa I Tatti (The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies) where I was invited as a visiting professor in the autumn of 2018. I take this chance to express my deep gratitude to all the friends and colleagues there who created most stimulating atmosphere for my studies at I Tatti.

Icons Made of Relics. Creating Holy Matter in Byzantium. In: RES Anthropology and Aesthetics, 75/76 (2021), pp.91-100 (publication by Harvard University)

The Byzantine World and Performative Spaces In: Spatial icons. Performativity in Byzantium and Medieval Russia (foreword), ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: Indrik, 2011, p. 17-26.

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The Whirling Church. Iconic as Performative in Byzantine Spatial Icons In: Spatial icons. Performativity in Byzantium and Medieval Russia, ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: Indrik, 2011, (Rus/Eng), p. 40-51.

Sacred Waters in Ecclesiastical Space. The Rivers of Paradise as an Image-paradigm of Byzantine Hierotopy // Holy Water in the Hierotopy and Iconography of the Christian World / ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: Theoria, 2017, pp. 159-183.

Kavod — Doxa — Slava Bozhiia. The Luminous Cloud as a Spatial Icon of the Heavens in Byzantine Church Domes // Hierotopy of Air and Heavens in Culture of the Christian World / ed. A. Lidov, Moscow: Theoria, 2023, pp. 17-39.

Creator of Sacred Space as a Phenomenon of Byzantine Culture.  In: L’artista a Bisanzio e nel mondo cristiano-orientale, ed. Michele Bacci, Pisa, 2003, p. 135-176

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“The Russian God”. The Veneration of the Image of St Nicholas in Medieval Russia. In: Archeologia Abrahamica, ed. Leonid Beliaev. М., 2009, pp.135-155 (Rus/Eng)

Heavenly Jerusalem. The Byzantine Approach. In: Jewish art, Jerusalem, 1998, pp.340 – 353

The Temple Veil as a Spatial Icon. IKON, 2014, 7, pp.97-108

The Priesthood of the Virgin Mary as an Image-Paradigm of Christian Visual Culture. IKON, 2017, 10, pp. 9-26

Leo the Wise and the Miraculous Icons in Hagia Sophia. In: The Heroes of the Orthodox Church. The New Saints, 8th to 16th century. Ed. E. Kountura-Galaki. Athens, 2004

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Byzantine Church Decoration and the Great Schism of 1054. In: Byzantion, LXVIII/2 (1998), pp.381-405

The Canopy over the Holy Sepulchre. On the Origin of Onion-Shaped Domes.. In: Jerusalem in Russian Culture, ed. A. Batalov and A.Lidov. New York – Athens, 2005, pp.171-180 (Russian version) (Italian version)

The Russian Mandylion: The Images of Christ ‘Not-Made-by-Hands’ in the Art and Culture of Medieval Rus’ from the Tenth to the Fourteenth Centuries . In: Recent Studies on the Image of Edessa: Iconography, History and Theology. (ed. Mark Guscin), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022, pp.165-192 (with Lilya Evseeva).

Lidov’s lectures:

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The Byzantine Church as a multimedia installation Interview to the “Iskusstvo” journal, 2016 (Eng) (Russian text from the journal with illustrations)

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Interview about icons in Russian homes (Rus)

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Presentation of Lidov’s book «Kosovo. Orthodox Heritage and today’s catastrophe» (Rus)

Introduction to Lidov’s book «Kosovo. Orthodox Heritage and today’s catastrophe»

Lidov’s report to the UNESCO  Kosovo Committee. April 2004


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