Spatial Icons

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Spatial icons. Performativity in Byzantium and Medieval Russia. Edited by Alexei Lidov. Published by Indrik, Moscow, 2011.           Title page


Alexei Lidov. The Byzantine World and Performative Spaces (foreword)

Alexei Lidov. The Whirling Church. Iconic as Performative in Byzantine Spatial Icons (Rus/Eng)

Anna Lazarova, Elka Bakalova. Communicative Aspects of Sacred Space: Messages to the Saint

Danica Popović. Iconic and Performative in Sacred Landscape. The Cave Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Ras and its Imagery

Michele Bacci. Performed Topographies and Topomimetic Piety. Imaginative Sacred Spaces in Medieval Italy

Alexandr Godovanets. The Icon of Light in the Architectural Space of Hagia Sophia  (Rus/Eng)

Nicoletta Isar. Imperial Χορός: A Spatial Icon оf Time as Eternity

Armen Kazarian. Spatial Images of Eastern Christian Monasteries  (Rus/Eng)

Slobodan Ćurčić. ‘Living Icons’ in Byzantine Churches: Image and Practice in Eastern Christianity

Jelena Trkulja. Divine Revelation Performed: Symbolic and Spatial Aspects in the Decoration of Byzantine Churches

Natalia Teteriatnikov. Animated Icons on Interactive Display: The Case of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople

Jelena Bogdanović. The Performativity of Shrines in a Byzantine Church: The Shrines of St. Demetrios

Andreas Rhoby. Interactive Inscriptions: Byzantine Works of Art and their Beholders

Maria Lidova. Polyptych as Spatial Image of the Church. The Icons by Ioannes Tohabi from the collection of St. Catherine’s monastery at Sinai  (Rus/Eng)

Vladimir Sarabianov. Relics and Images of Saints in the Sacred Space of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev (Rus/Eng)

Vsevolod Rozhniatovsky. The Performative Iconography: Effects of Light in the Space of Eastern Christian Churches (Rus/Eng)

Alexandr Melnik. The Dramaturgy of Fire in Russian Churches in the 16th  and 17th  Centuries (Rus/Eng)

Lilia Evseeva, Lada Kondrashkova. Creating the Iconic Space: Text, Singing and Image in the Sixteenth Century Festive Liturgy (Rus/Eng)

Olga Chumicheva. Iconic Performances of Ivan the Terrible: Transformation of the Idea of the Tsar Authority (Rus/Eng)

Michael S. Flier. The Image of the Tsar in the Muscovite Palm Sunday Ritual (Rus/Eng)

Galina Zelenskaya. The Role of Inscriptions in the Creation of Sacred Space of the New Jerusalem near Moscow (Rus/Eng)

Tatyana Yavorskaya, Svetlana Yavorskaya. The Mounts of Crosses — а Phenomenon of Popular Hierotopy (Rus/Eng)

Shigebumi Tsuji. Creating an Iconic Space. The Transformation of Narrative Landscape

Akira Akiyama. Interrelationship of Relics and Images in Buddhist and Christian Traditions: Comparative and Performative Aspects

Michitaka Suzuki. Invisible Hibutsu (Hidden Buddha) and Visible Icon

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На русскую страницу