Light and Fire

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The book Light and Fire in the Sacred Space.  is a collection of the materials (short papers) of the international symposium. Edited by Alexei Lidov. Published by Indrik, Moscow, 2011. 

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A book with full papers was published in 2013: Hierotopy of Light and Fire in the Culture of the Byzantine World, ed. A. M. Lidov, Theoria, Moscow, 557 p.


Alexei Lidov. Dramaturgy of Light and Fire as a Form of Hierotopic Creativity (foreword, Rus/Eng) p. 8-19

Vyacheslav Vs. Ivanov. Fire, Sun and Light in Languages and Cultures of Ancient and Medieval Eurasia. (Russian with English summary) p. 20-36

Sergei Khorujii. Plotin’s Light and the Light of Thabor: the Mystics of Light in Neo-Platonism and Hesyhasm. (Rus) p. 37-44

Andrew Simsky. The Image-paradigm of the Divine Fire in the Bible and Christian tradition. (Russian/English) p. 45-81

Fabio Barry. The House of the Rising Sun: Luminosity and Sacrality from Domus to Ecclesia. p. 82-104

Maria Cristina Carile. The Imperial Palace Glittering with Light: The Material and Immaterial in the Sacrum Palatium. p. 105-135

Aleksandr Godovanets. The Space of Hagia Sophia and the Late Antique Science of Light. (Rus) p. 136-146

Eleni Dimitriadou. From the Great Palace to the Great Church: Art and Light in the Context of Court Ritual in Tenth-Century Constantinople. p. 147-158

Maria G. Parani. “Rise like the sun, the God-inspired kingship”: Light-symbolism and the Uses of Light in Middle and Late Byzantine Imperial Ceremonials. . p. 159-184

Dimitra Kotoula. ‘With respect to the lavishness of the illumination’: the Dramaturgy of light in the Burial Chapel of the Monastic Founder. p. 185-199

Alexei Pentkovsky. The ‘Holy Light’ and the Kindling of Fire on the Great Saturday in Jerusalem. (Rus) p. 200-215

Marcello Gardzaniti. The Perception of the Holy Fire and Holy Sepulchre by Russian, Byzantine and Latin pilgrims in the eleventh-twelfth century Jerusalem. The Hozhenie of hegumen Daniel in the context of Greek and Latin pilgrimage literature of his time. (Russian with English summary) p. 216-231

Elka Bakalova. The Pillar of Fire as a Sign of Theophany: Some Examples from Byzantine and Postbyzantine Art. p. 232-253

Maria Lidova. The Theme of Fire in the Iconographic Programme of the Galla Placidia Chapel in Ravenna. (Rus) p. 254-281

Jelena Bogdanović. The Retoric and Performativity of Light in the Sacred Space: A Case Study of the Vision of St. Peter of Alexandria p. 282-304

Nicoletta Isar. Dancing Light into the Byzantine Sacred Space. The Athonite Chorography of Fire. p. 305-316

Lilia Evseeva. Image and Light in the Monastic Rite of Agrypnia at Mount Athos. (Rus) p. 317-331

Alexei Lidov. Icons in Fire. The Byzantine Hierotopy of Anastenaria Rite. (Russian/English) p. 332-349

Victor Zhivov. The Visions of Light and Problems of the Russian Medieval Hesychasm. (Rus) p. 350-367

Dmitry I. Makarov. Theology of Light by Callistos I, the Patriarche of Constantinople, and its Roots in Athonite and Stoudite Hesychasm. (Rus) p. 368-379

Aleksandr Melnik. The Fire in the Practices of Veneration of the Russian Saints from the Eleventh to Seventeenth Centuries. (Rus) p. 380-393

Vsevolod Rozhniatovsky. Lighting Effects within the Space of Byzantine and Old Russian Churches: Historical Stages and Special Aspects of Evolution. (Rus) p. 394-421

Vladimir Sedov. The Light Window in Medieval Russian Architecture: some written sources.  (Rus) p. 422-443

Valery Igoshev. Typology, Function and Symbolism of Medieval Russian Censers and Ladan Containers. (Rus) p. 444-474

Polina Tychinska. Fiery Face. Divine Light in the Iconography of the Heavenly Powers. (Rus) p. 474-488

Alexei Muraviev. Fire and Light within the Sacred Space of the Old-Believers’ Church. (Rus) p. 489-498

Olga Chumicheva. “The Enlightening Fire” in the Russian Theological Polemics in the Seventeenth Century. (Rus) p. 499-506

Galina Zelenskaya. The Idea of Light within the Space of the Resurrection Cathedral in the New Jerusalem Monastery. (Rus) p. 507-537

Mikhail N. Sokolov. The “Art-Spark” as a Historical and Aesthetic Phenomenon. Towards Modern Iconology of Fire. (Rus) p. 538-557

На русскую страницу