Comparative study of sacred spaces

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Hierotopy. Comparative studies of sacred spaces. Edited by Alexei Lidov, published by “Indrik”, Moscow, 2008                        title page

Alexei Lidov. The Comparative Hierotopy    (Rus/Eng)

Michael Chegodaev. The Hierotopy of the Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus   (Rus/Eng)

Ludmila I. Akimova. The Sacred Space of the Ancient Greek Festival: the Great Panathenaea   (Rus/Eng)

Alexander Podosinov. The Liturgical Movement in Sacred Space: on the Classical Origins of Eastern Christian Rites (Rus/Eng)

Margaret Barker. Fragrance in the Making of Sacred Space. Jewish Temple Paradigms of Christian Worship

Jacquelyn Tuerk. Hierotopy, Narrative, and Magical Amulets

Alexei Lidov. Holy Face — Holy Script — Holy Gate:  an Image-Paradigm of the “Blessed City” in Christian Hierotopy         (Rus/Eng)

Thomas Dale. From “Icons in Space” to Space in Icons: Pictorial Models for Public and Private Ritual in the Thirteenth-Century Mosaics of San Marco in Venice

Jane Garnett and Gervase Rosser. Sacred Space in the Light of the Miraculous Image. A Case Study from Seventeenth-Century Italy

Mikhail N. Sokolov.  Ab arte restaurata. On the Sacralization of Aesthetic Values in Modern “Hierotopy”  (Rus/Eng)

Francesco Pellizzi.  Anthropological Aspects of Hierotopy: Archaic and Modern Sites of the Numinous.

Patimat R. Gamzatova. The Oriental Carpet in the Making of Sacred Spaces  (Rus/Eng)

Аndrei Moroz. “Sacred” and “Horrible” Places. Creation of Sacred Spaces in Traditional Culture  (Rus/Eng)

Leonid Beliaev. The Hierotopy of the Orthodox Feast: on the National Traditions in the Making of Sacred Spaces   (Rus/Eng)

Evgenia Kirichenko. The Church and the City: on the Symbolic and Structural Unity of the Russian Sacred Space (Rus/Eng)

Ksana Blank.  Hierotopy in Dostoevsky and Tolstoy  (Rus/Eng)

Nicoletta Isar. Vision and Performance.  A Hierotopic Approach to Contemporary Art


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На русскую страницу