New Jerusalems

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New Jerusalems. Hierotopy and iconography of sacred spaces. Edited by Alexei Lidov, published by “Indrik”, Moscow, 2009                        title page


Alexei Lidov. New Jerusalems. Transfering of the Holy Land as Generative Matrix of Christian Culture (introduction,  Rus/Eng)

Alexandr V. Podossinov.  “This is Jerusalem! I have set it in the Midst of Nations…” The Place of Jerusalem on Medieval Maps (Rus/Eng)

Petre Guran. The Constantinople — New Jerusalem at the Crossing of Sacred Space and Political Theology

Alexei Pentkovsky.  “Jerusalemization” of Liturgical Spaces in the Byzantine Tradition  (Rus/Eng)

Maria Cristina Carile. Imperial Palaces and Heavenly Jerusalems: Real and Ideal Palaces in Late Antiquity

Christian C. Sahner. Hierusalem in Laterano: The Translation of Sacred Space in Fifth Century Rome

Mary Chkhartishvili. Mtskheta as New Jerusalem: Hierotopy in the Life of St Nino (Rus/Eng)

Danica Popovicv. Desert as Heavenly Jerusalem: The Imagery of a Sacred Space in the Making

Barbara Baert. Hierotopy, Jerusalem and the Legend of the Wood of the Cross (Rus/Eng)

Leonid Beliaev. Jerusalem, the Visible and Invisible: a Typology of Reflections of the Holy Land in Medieval Russian Culture (Rus/Eng)

Alexander Musin. Pilgrimage and Peculiarities of “Translatio Sacra” in Christian Europe (Rus/Eng)

Anastasia Keshman. An Emblem of Sacred Space: The Representation of Jerusalem in the Form of the Holy Sepulchre

Alexei Lidov. The Holy Fire. Hierotopical and Art?Historical Aspects of the Creation of “New Jerusalems” (Rus/Eng)

Nicoletta Isar. Celica Iherusalem Carolina: Imperial Eschatology and Light Apocalypticism in the Palatine Chapel at Aachen

Lilya M. Evseeva. The Benedictine Tradition in the Reenactment of the Sacred Space of Jerusalem (Rus/Eng)

Michele Piccirillo. The Role of the Franciscans in the Translation of the Sacred Spaces from the Holy Land to Europe

Annette Hoffmann, Gerhard Wolf. Narrative and Iconic Space — From Pontius to Pilate

Maria Pliukhanova. New Jerusalem in the “Italian Desert”: The Legends of the Translation of the Virgin Mary’s House to Loreto   (Rus/Eng)

Olga Belova, Vladimir Petrukhin. The “Holy Mountains”, Kiev and Jerusalem in the Slavic Myth-Poetic Tradition  (Rus/Eng)

Jelena Erdeljan. New Jerusalems in the Balkans. Translation of Sacred Space in the Local Context

Annemarie Weyl Carr. The “Holy Sepulcher” of St. John Lampadistes in Cyprus

Еlka Bakalova, Anna Lazarova. The New Jerusalem of St. Gerasimos on Cephallonia

Armen Kazaryan. “New Jerusalem” in Spatial Concepts and Architectural Forms of Medieval Armenia (Rus/Eng)

Vladimir V. Sedov. New Jerusalem in Churches over the Gates in Byzantium and Old Russia (Rus/Eng)

Ivan Stevoviсv. Late Byzantine Church Decoration as an Iconic Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem: the Case of Kalenich

Branislav Cvetkovicv. Some Hierotopical Aspects of the New Jerusalem Programmes in the Fifteenth-Century Serbia

Tatiana Samoilova. The Way to the Holy Land. The Korsun Legend in the Frescoes of the Archangel Cathedral and its Dialog with the Façade Murals of the Annunciation Cathedral in The Moscow Kremlin (Rus/Eng)

Richard Marks. The Architectural Icon: Picturing Solovetski Monastery

Aleksandra Davidov Temerinski. The Jerusalem Rotunda or the Heavenly Jerusalem? Interpreting the Image of the Church held by the Apostles Peter and Paul

Galina Sidorenko. Two Jerusalems. On a Group of Carved Wooden Painted Icons  (Rus/Eng)

Galina Zelenskaya. New Jerusalem near Moscow. Aspects of the Conception and New Discoveries (Rus/Eng)

Svetlana L. Yavorskaya. The Meaning of the Cross in the Hierotopical Concept of New Jerusalem. From Constantine the Great to the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich   (Rus/Eng)

Ksenia Shchedrina. Savvino-Storozhevsky “Jerusalem”  (Rus/Eng)

Olga Chumicheva. Solovetsky Cloister as an Old-Believers’ Alternative to New Jerusalem of the Patriarch Nikon  (Rus/Eng)

Ksana Blank. The Hierotopy of a Concealed City: The Invisible Kitezh, Nikon’s New Jerusalem, and Peter’s Paradise (Rus/Eng)

Gerald L. Carr. American “New Jerusalems” ca. 1690 –1890

Robert Ousterhout. A New ‘New Jerusalem’ for Jerusalem   


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На русскую страницу